Lockdown revamp underway!

We’re making the most of lockdown closure to revamp some of the building.

Our builders have redesigned and rebuilt the kitchen and corridors to allow full disabled access (including wheelchairs) through the Small Hall into the kitchen, toilets and Large Hall. We’ve also updated the kitchen, storage areas and done lots of repainting!

Huge thanks to our committee members Christine and Simon who have been project managing the whole effort, and to Lynn and Robin who have worked their way through the whole building repainting everywhere so it’s all smart for reopening time, Steve for lending us his carpet cleaner, Tony for reconstructing the electrical cupboard

Thanks to our builders Mark and Gary for their expertise, attention to detail, good advice and their good humour! Also thanks to Spiros the plumber for sticking with a difficult job till late, Kai for making a great job of patching the kitchen floor, Ben and his team for the electrics, the plasterers, and Paul the plasterer for replastering a horrible area. We also need to thank Ricky the roofer, our neighbour, who is always there when you need him. Thanks to Carl our cleaner, who has been patiently cleaning up after everyones mess!

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