AGMs 2021

AGMs for the Windmill Hill Community Association and the Windmill Hill Social Club (which runs the bar) will be held on Thursday 30th September commencing at 8pm. The bar will be open from 7.30pm.

Memberships finishing on 30th September 2021 will now be extended to 30th September 2022 due to the extent of time the Community Centre and Social Club were closed during Covid. Although no fees will be payable, we will still renew your membership cards before the AGM begins.

The AGM is to elect the Officers on the Committee, to report on the past year at the Community Centre, and to receive the financial accounts. Notices are up on the noticeboard at the Community Centre if you want to nominate anyone for an Officer position.

The meeting will be held in the Small Hall and doors will be open to allow ventilation, and tables and surfaces will be treated with antiviral spray. We are still encouraging the use of face masks while moving around the building.

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