Board games night Sat 16 Nov

WHCA’s unmissable board games night is back on 16th November. There is more to life than climbing ladders and sliding down snakes, or sitting through two excruciating hours of Monopoly, and we’ll show you.

Gather around a table with great people, enjoy some of the best modern board games, and Windmill Hill’s foremost games experts will help you get up and running fast. We’ll bring the games, you bring your brain – there’s something for everyone, from fast-paced card games to high-concept cardboard, from nimble-fingered manipulation to quick-witted deduction, with games suitable for all ages 11 up.

Fancy piloting a mysterious alien race and conducting intergalactic subterfuge? Try the 40-year-old classic Cosmic Encounter. Want to build a tenuously-balanced road network using your bare hands, and possibly some tweezers if things get really tricky? Give Tokyo Highway a go. Try your hand at being an undercover agent (or sniffing one out) in the inventive Spyfall, rebuild civilisation on the red planet with Terraforming Mars, bloody up your axe in Viking smasher Blood Rage, point an actual foam gun at an actual stranger’s head while playing Cash ‘N’ Guns – you get the idea.

The next board games night is on Saturday 16th November, starting at 7.30pm, ages 11+. Come along, have a drink, enjoy some great company and, whether you’ve not played a board game since last Christmas or you’ve just packed away Catan, learn and enjoy some great new games.

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