The Second WHCA Games Night!

The official Games Night Poster. Click to see in all its glory!!

It’s back! Games Night! Classic board games, computer games, modern board games – and don’t forget the GIANT JENGA!

Saturday April 22nd from 7pm.  Free entry & kids welcome!

Fresh in since our last games night:

  • Cosmic Encounters! (Become one of 50 weird rule bending aliens and colonize your other player’s planets. Helluva game.)
  • Cash and Guns! (Wave foam guns at other players and take the LOOT! Mm. Loot.)
  • Zombies!!! (Well, we’ll actually put the zombies in the box this time round…)
  • BloodBowl! – Remember BloodBowl? Bring along your team and challenge a regular. Or borrow a spare team…
  • Darts! – We’re a community centre, of course we have darts. Bring your arrows and challenge our reigning champion.

And all the other great games from last time – See the full list below. So come along, have a pint (Or an expertly curated – but very reasonably priced – wine) and settle in to an evening of fun. Whether your tastes are smacking someone about in Super Smash Brothers, picking up Scalextric cars off the floor, diving headfirst into a lovingly designed Eurogame, or just drinking very well looked after reasonably priced ale and throwing down some dominoes. You can AND WILL find fun!

Classic Games
Trivial Pursuit
Giant Jenga

Classy Games
Smash Up
Settlers of Catan
Ticket to Ride
Game of Thrones the Board Game (Stamina needed)
Boss Monster
Seven Wonders
Pirate Dice (Perudo)
Cosmic Encounters
Cash ‘n Guns
Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts

Other Fun
Wii Bowling
Rally time trials with force feedback steering wheel
Scalextric course
Monopoly Deal (Not the boardgame – Monopoly Deal is actually good, we promise!)

You can bring along your own games too – There’s always room for more fun.

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